‘Pixel Pass’ might be Google's answer to Apple One

The Google Pixel 6 is notable not only for what it offers, but also for how it is purchased. M. Brandon Lee, a veteran of the tech press, claims to have obtained information about a "Pixel Pass" subscription that would combine phone payments with an Apple One-style service package. A Pixel 6 as well as an extended warranty, Google One, Play Pass, and YouTube Music/Premium would all be included in your single monthly fee. If you wanted, you could connect it to Google Fi, but there would be a version for users who wanted to use a different carrier. 

The price of a Pixel Pass has yet to be determined. Although we wouldn't rule out launches in countries where full One, Play Pass, and YouTube services are available, the leaked document suggests it will be limited to the United States. According to separate information obtained by Lee, the regular Pixel 6 will cost €649 (approximately $750) in Europe, while the Pixel 6 Pro will cost €899 ($1,040).

The benefit to Google would be obvious: it could persuade Pixel 6 buyers to pay for services they would otherwise skip, resulting in recurring revenue rather than a one-time sale. It may also deter you from switching to a competitor phone by making switching more expensive. That's not to say you'll mind. This could help ease the pain of purchasing the new Android flagship, especially if you were planning to subscribe to at least one Google service anyway.

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